Explaining why propaganda and fascism is wrong to an indoctrinated individual - World leaders all read the same script regarding Covid-19

The one thing we should all do is to try and find context to something which has been presented. Not all mainstream media not news is fake, often they simply chase the story, scarcely stopping to verify accuracy because they want to be first to the story. Others claim it is simply one newspaper copying the content of another news story to save resources. There have been successful examples where plants - fake stories, have been placed in one newspaper to see if it appears in another.

Recently 5th May, 2020, an international pledging event was conducted to raise international funds towards the Covid-19. In reality each country's leaders read the same statement and collectively pledged $8 billion. Effectively, "We need new diagnostics, therapeutics, and vaccines."

The money is going to end up in the hands of a number of organisations including the world economic forum, the world bank and the World Health Organisation.

That is $8 billion of tax payers money? It will be more or it will never be received but used for effect.



Explaining why this is a bad thing?

These leaders are coordinating on a global scale to align to a program which to many people sounds great. There is an apparent Pandemic and the world needs a solution. Except that it isn't a pandemic, the numbers are vastly overstated by assigning deaths from other conditions as Covid-19 deaths. There are questions around the competency of testing processes. The mainstream media, whilst trying to create a narrative which is of disaster and doom leaves enough information to show inconsistencies. Why is the UK sending tests overseas, what about the Tanzanian president who recently sent samples of Papaya, Goat blood and other foodstuffs for testing for Covid-19 and they came back positive? The many medical experts questioning the recommendation of treatment by the WHO? The inconsistencies in the efficacy of flu vaccines. You have to research this for yourself.

This Covid-19 has many dissenters including many professors, doctors, specialists in fields with vast amounts of experience in medicine, epidiemiology, virology and immunology. If these dissenters, some with a lifetime of expertise and leaders in their fields say anything on YouTube - their content is deleted.

But why is it a bad thing?

If leaders have chosen to ignore the many qualified experts, not recognise the economic impact, and sign up to global initiatives (agendas) which are based upon a lack of real data, evidence of and misreporting. To then pledge each nation's taxpayer money - extorted from them is worse. To then, not admit to their people that they are doing this or are following the exact same script is simply horrific.

Moral duty puts the country first, not unproven wizardry.

Enough is E-fucking nuff

The way I see this going is a complete divide between people who completely understand something is fundamentally wrong with our layers of bureaucracy, and those completely aligned to whatever they are told. Those still believing in Left versus Right, or one religion over another, racism, or gender definitions are being played off against each other. If we thought Brexit was divisive, this Planned Demic will be 10 times worse. Of course, all of these disasters seek to create division but this time those who are aware will simply leave the rest to the sorry mess created by those allowing this to happen.

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