Understanding the exact reason for the Coronavirus from a financial perspective

My friend from my home village is shitting himself. I deleted my Facebook recently but pray he is still alive - night time vigils, burning candles, campfire flute playing. He lives in a village of less than 75 homes and yet he is camped inside his home surrounded by a vast green expanse of nothingness in case he catches coronavirus. We can't disrespect fear, it is innate. To be complacent can deny any of us the chance of living our life.

Follow the money - this is the first question we should ever ask when trying to understand something significant involving people. Look for the motive. When we follow the money, it becomes clear why this coronavirus has been made to be far bigger than all the other pandemics - yes, there is at least one every year. We will speak in non-technical financial terms, the goal isn't to provide exact numbers, but these numbers have been reviewed and at some point data will be prepared on this.

Please note: I Am not an anti-capitalist, at all.

It has taken me a long time to piece together everything that is happening now. The only important element to take from this is if we don't fight what will be described, our own existence and our children's freedom will be destroyed.

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Some examples of experts questioning the government's reaction to coronavirus

Doctors, Disease specialists, professors etc








Premises to explain why Coronavirus has proven so disruptive - the melting pot

Collapsing financial system

The financial system was and is collapsing. Anybody with a lot of money has one goal - to keep that money. Making more is even better. Nothing wrong with earning and preserving capital in normal circumstances.

If the money supply is increasing exponentially - i.e. debt is increasing through money printing known as quantitative easing, then smart money starts to realise the stock market game no longer works. With an expanding money supply capital's purchasing power declines. US debt was $19 trillion when Trump took office. It reached $23 trillion recently, and then the Coronavirus kicked in. We are hearing another $10 trillion in debt will be created out of thin air to solve this Coronavirus "problem".

Wealthy people could just own assets and put their cash into gold, but all markets move, especially if there isn't liquidity. Similarly, wealthy people could bet on Bitcoin but supposing Bitcoin doesn't become the new money? So the hamster wheel keeps spinning and the wealthy are incentivised to make more money to maintain their position. More out of necessity than greed in many situations.

To make the point - the smartest money knew this current crash will be the biggest and was a series of crashes ever since the year 2000.

Fear, government and the media

It takes a very long time to remove fear. For me - fear is skiing a really difficult run, facing a fast bowler, or getting into a fight and we know that in those situations we have to face fear - or run from it. The media preys on the weak and keeps sensationalising every disaster, and before explaining why the previous disaster came about or how severe it really was they are onto the next disaster. Except most of these disasters are nothing of the sort and we never really know what happened. So most disasters have to be ignored, even if they seem worrying.

Unless we spot a pattern see these disasters moving in a direction where new laws are created to protect society, new laws will get used in unforeseen ways to prevent liberty.

We see a continued spread of misinformation through the mainstream media. The government only ever considers how their actions appears to the voting public. Most politicians are not experts and thus rely upon experts who - in the public eye and receiving funding from government and big business will also act out of fear. In-short, the coronavirus pandemic is not serious. If you had told Winston Churchill the country would be shut down for 10,000 people dying, I can't even begin to think what he would say?

Before you say, but each death is a travesty - no, most of these people would have died anyway. Revised data shows of the probable 20,000 UK deaths from Covid-19, 10,000 of these people would have died in 2020 anyway and the other 10,000 would have died of flu-type affectations. How can you be so heartless? Really? You are the people who scream for police to burn people or lock people up who are breaking the leaving their home rule. You are the people clapping for the NHS workers who spend a lot of their time doing TikTok videos. Go onto TikTok and see how much time it must have taken for these guys to practice these dances.

Stupid people - yes, the sheeple

To be honest. Most people are smart. They just hope for the best, they hope that by; paying into their pension, respecting their boss, brushing their teeth, washing their underwear once a week (yes, 7 pairs), following the law, voting for their party etc. It is reasonable for people to leave things to others so they can get by in life. Having to keep yourself aware of everything is draining. We don't have time to worry about markets and analyse charts. It is simply that we want the right to relax and have the best for future generations.

To be able to use fear, a lot of people need to be fearful. We need to be scared into everything; Corbyn (Labour), Conservatives, Health Service, Privatisation, Nationalisation, Trump, Biden, Sanders, Putin, Warren, Clinton (be shit scared of those evil people), Education (Yes, the very thing which indoctrinates them in the first place), Foreigners (Immigrants/Mexicans/Europeans/Brits/Russians), Economy etc. Sometimes, there are genuine concerns with each of these but to give a really simple example.

  • You see the Twin Towers collapsing killing thousands of people.
  • You are told who did it and don't question this.
  • The media and government makes the case about the evil regimes, weapons of mass destruction, the economic risks.
  • You as a non-American are willing to let your people go to war with a country not even involved in the collapsing of the Twin Towers.
  • Millions of children die, soldiers commit suicide after the atrocities they have been engaged in.

Second example;

  • You see a road traffic accident on the way to work. Several people died.
  • You apologise to your boss for being late.
  • You are working late to make up for lost time.
  • You drive home extra fast to see your family.
  • You die in a road traffic accident.
  • An ambulance driver on the way to work is delayed.

Third example;

  • You get periodically ill from colds, occasionally you catch influenza.
  • Unknown to you, pandemics are announced every year.
  • Now a deadlier version is announced.
  • We are told about this social distancing initiative and willingly stay in our homes.
  • We are told we will be given money to make up for our personal losses.
  • Slowly our freedoms are eradicated as government now talks about vaccine passports for something which only kills around .1% of a population (remembering the figures are fake).
  • Nobody dies.
  • Now we have less wealth and feel less healthy from vaccines.

We have to imagine these types of events as a systematic attack on logic and reason.

A brief interlude - Bill Gates and the World Health Organisation

Before going any further - I am not an anti-vaccinator per se, yet I find a lot of this recent stuff disturbing.

The first concern about the WHO, from my perspective, has been the use of data and how poorly it is presented. This is an organisation receiving billions of dollars in donations yearly with a complete inability to adequately analyse data. This is Greek to most people - even the Greeks. As a person who works with data, day-in and day-out, I cannot begin to go into how bad the WHO data is. Remembering Bill Gates' Gates Foundation donates to WHO, the guy who owned Microsoft, Microsoft who are experts at developing software with data but cannot help the WHO do rudimentary data analysis and reporting?

Recently a bit of noise about the Gates Foundation has surfaced. I am repeating what I have heard, so don't quote me on this BUT... it is probably true (I will be researching this myself);

  • The WHO forced vaccines on African children.
  • The WHO forced vaccines on Indian children between 2000 and 2017 causing 490,000 paralysis victims. The Indian Government has finally told the Gates Foundation to do one.
  • In some programs, the same children were injected up to 50 times.
  • Children have died.
  • There have been programs were vaccines were trialled for one treatment but ended up sterilising test patients. Eventually the WHO admitted this after questioning.
  • 80% of the polio infections are vaccine based polio.

What is the real motivation behind this shutdown?

It has taken me a long time to understand what the reason is. Watching different experts and theorists can never tell you the entire picture. Recently. I learned about Dr Shiva Ayyadurai. There hasn't been time to dig into this guy but he is smart. Nothing more, the guy is fire and brimstone - he fights like a tiger, an Indian Tiger.

Shiva's postulate states;

  1. Inception of a drug is patented immediately.
  2. Human testing of a new drug takes 13 years.
  3. At 13 years, human trials can begin.
  4. At 20 years, the drug becomes a generic.
  5. 7 years to make money on a drug which has barely been trialled.

The pharmaceutical drug model is broken. It is more complicated than this, but let's stick with the idea that developing a drug is highly expensive and unlikely to make money despite the exorbitant cost.

Now... Producing Vaccines, can get adopted far quicker. We see the whole of society clamouring for this current vaccine. We are told we will be locked in our homes until this vaccine is developed. Politicians are crying it could take a year, hopefully 6 months.


We hear crazy people - Sadique Kahn crazily calling for everybody to wear masks, for social distancing, yet maybe 13000 people have officially died in around 3 months (yes, I quoted a different number, but that is how easy it is to make up numbers). Admittedly I was petrified when I heard about Covid-19 before it was announced in the UK.

It transpires we are hearing of a request for digital evidence of vaccinations to be permitted travelling. WTF?

The business model

As a Microsoft developer, I fully understand their model - recurring licenses. 

Is it just possible 8 billion people forced to take viruses for the flu every year is the perfect recurring business model?

Seriously - enough is e-flipping nough!

If you managed to read this, don't think this is the only time we will go through this crap. These attacks will continue. If you see anybody in mainstream media who is a politician say nonsense, attack them. If you get blocked, create a new account and attack them again - be polite obviously but remember they are psychopaths.

A lot has been left out. One major point being the idea that all governments have to maintain a constant ratio of debt to maintain the reserve currency's ever expanding money supply. This has been tested following the revalation by Dr. Mark Skidmore and Catherine Austin Fitts revealing an extra $21 trillion held in the Exchange Stabilisation Fund.


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