Big concerns about markets in general and a looming recession

This isn't a - wow, I've discovered a problem. Most of my financially related posts are removed fairly shortly afterwards. I have written posts on "Manipulated Market Theory", Cryptocurrency Trading Strategies, Market dynamics - but they don't remain for long. Quite simply, this post is to do with observing something and deciding whether it needs to stick around or get pulled into a bigger theory later on. Writing is a way of considering possibilities.

The idea, that a recession is looming is not the focus of this post - it's a given. What we should be concerned about is that everything showed signs of pulling back this last week. When markets collapse, there is a possibility, they all fall together, but we know that isn't possible. The idea that Gold and Oil and Dollars and S&P all fall on the same day seems impossible. In reality, the dollar fell less than the Euro or Yen but we have to ask - is everything falling? Bitcoin is, in reality collapsing. Property is increasing in value?

Measuring markets against purchasing power

It seems we should possibly do this instead? Reducing noise from market fluctuations and focus on what is really happening. If we truly looked at purchasing power instead of benchmarking against the dollar, or the pound - we would be shitting ourselves.

There is a distinct possibility we are entering a period of stagflation - nothing can grow. My belief is - whatever falls slower wins but the first mover may not be the biggest faller.

The Coronavirus

This is not the reason for any pullback in the markets. News events are proxies for something hidden. The biggest favour anybody can do themselves is to reject any mainstream narrative on why markets fall.

Looking ahead

This post is not financial advice. For this reason, whilst there are clear signals on where things will go - am not posting them. Good luck.

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