Takeaway foods seems to be less healthier than ever

Bit of a curveball post. Just wanted to put a marker out on takeaway food and how it makes you feel. My theory is, the vast majority of takeaways are really unhealthy for you. Most people will say, of course takeaway food is unhealthy - is that what we are reduced to?
We ordered a Chinese takeaway on Sunday. You know the great thing about Chinese food is, you can microwave it the next day and it tastes even better. Normally, we order Indian food once a week.
Am quite a fan of cooking foreign cuisine and it tastes pretty good, but as people always say - it never quite tastes the same. There is a good Turkish restaurant nearby, but my opinion is, eating in the restaurant and the atmosphere makes it taste a lot better.
  • So yesterday, was the second round of food, and twice - I feel;
  • Heavy - like I can't digest the food.
  • Really thirsty, due to all the salt.
  • Not very good.

It is the same with well-known pizza chains.

Going to restaurants - eating out

Being London based, you can go to China Town and get great Chinese food, we could go to Kingsland Road to get brilliant Vietnamese food, Brick Lane does have some great restaurants and hats down - the Ghurka's retreat on Stanstead Road - Forest Hill is incredible. Guess what, you don't feel ill afterwards. It isn't just me, people I eat with say the same thing - takeaway food does not make them feel healthy. For two days in a row, I feel like I have a terrible hangover.

What is the purpose of a takeaway

For most food, if it can get transported to you within say - 10 minutes, it shouldn't taste too much different to the restaurant.

We order takeaways based on the following motivations;

  • We don't have the skill or equipment to cook certain foods.
  • We want to save our time. (I cook most days atm and it takes between 30 minutes to 1 hour to make main meals).
  • Emotional reasons, there are positives to being lazy sometimes.

What seems to be the issue with takeaway foods

They more chemicals than a Tescos cleaning aisle. Am convinced Mono Sodium Glutinates must be prevalent in a lot of these meals. There are probably preservatives in the base sauces. Is it that the cost of takeaways hasn't increased enough to keep pace with real price inflation? We must notice the cost of cooking your own meal may approach or exceed, what takeaways cost?
Ratings definitely don't work either. Indeed most ratings by other people can't be trusted and are often based on moments.
I think, I am at the point where I may be giving up on takeaways permanently and try to get more efficient with cooking.

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