Info Rhino Limited relaunched

Finally, at my third iteration, I have relaunched my website. This website has around 80% less content than the previous version. It has just 6 pages including the home page.

The rebrand should represent what the limited company is capable of delivering to clients.

The goal is to get projects without always going through traditional agency contracting channels. If more of us can put ourselves out there as a network of independent experts, it will hopefully add some competition to a very tired one-side market.

Avoiding clichés

There are no pictures of diverse offices with people in suits.


There is no longer an about page with photos of me and associates/colleagues (This photo is not me).

There are no pages where we list large enterprise's logos where we haven't sought permission to use them, so we can pretend we do work for big clients.


There are no photos of hot girls in office wear to make my company appeal to middle-aged men but alienate some women.


There are no insane "mystery meat" menus. These are menus so crazy, you could never hope to navigate the site. Yes the below is a menu!

We try to avoid using vapid names that doesn't actually mean anything.