The vaccine rollout programme and Covid data

Am uploading a spreadsheet which takes data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), the MHRA Yellow Card Reporting Scheme Adverse Reaction overview, and data points including the Vaccine Rollout. The spreadsheet doesn't attempt to undertake additional statistical modelling techniques to statistically accept or reject the hypothesis. In other words, I would need to undertake far more analysis on the data. However, I stand by the shocking discovery of the data.

Indeed, one of my major concerns is the information provided by government itself. We should be more than aware that the Covid data has many inconsistencies, including;

  • "Of versus With".
  • Death within 28 days of a positive PCR-RT test being classed as a Covid death, versus people dying within a few days of a vaccine jab not being a vaccine related death.
  • Numerous reports in mainstream media that double counting occurred, and reporting inaccuracies occurred.
  • No proof of masks preventing transmission.
  • No proof of lockdowns reducing the impact of Covid.
  • PCR-RT high false positive rates. It is clearly evident that if you run millions of tests a day, you will have a very high number of people who test positive who doesn't have Covid-19.

Now, it is equally probable that somebody could have died of Covid 2 months after being diagnosed, but it absolutely the data seems biased.

The data in the spreadsheet and what it means

What the data seems to indicate

  • The vaccine rollout will lead to a relatively high number of people dying imminently after vaccination.
  • This vaccine fatality number is far higher than what is put into the press and mentioned by politicians.
  • There appears to be an equal number of people dying irrespective of vaccine dose number.
  • From the limited number of deaths provided by the MHRA Yellow Card reporting data, fatality is age-independent.
  • From the extensive Covid data, fatality from Covid (whilst way lower than with Covid) is age-dependent.
  • We are already seeing young, healthy people dying from the vaccine shot.
  • We don't see young, healthy people dying from SARS-COV2.

Now, I know that experts like Geert Vanden Bossche explains that SARS-COV2 will mutate from targeting those who develop adaptive immunity to those who have innate immunity, and in a way he is promoting vaccinating children against Covid - yet at the same time warning against vaccinating children against Covid. 

The attitudes of the average person defies belief

This post isn't focused on how people refuse to acknowledge what is going on, but quite frankly they should be ashamed to the core. They typically take narratives pushed by media and government without doing any critical thinking on what they are being told. Many have the awareness to suspect that what they are being told isn't right, but remain head down and hope for the best.

I told somebody my shocking concerns predicated upon my analysis on the data. They listened, and then sought to dismiss them all with completely unrelated anecdotal points with zero relevance. The suspicion is they do this to avoid confronting the reality on what is happening.

We end up with circular reasoning that goes something like this. I tell them that the case numbers are far lower, that the severe cases would have been far lower if many known drugs were used, I then explain my analysis shows that a much higher number of people will die or be maimed from the vaccination, they then say - is the number injured from the vaccine less than those dying of Covid!

Another example is the people who know people who work in hospitals or know somebody who died of Covid. Yes, Covid is real and am not denying it exists. Once we understand each case with enough clarity to know what the reality was we can achieve balance. A simple example was somebody who apparently died of Covid in Russia. When probed further - it transpired this person was terminally ill, tragically. Maybe Covid was the final chapter, and should be mentioned. We don't seem to be able to have basic conversations.

The "Truthers" - those who know precisely how the scamdemic is functioning and for what reason

Once you start going down rabbit holes, you can get lost. Certainly there were many rabbit holes I went down such as "Of vs With", Vaccines - how they work, Mortality, Previous pandemic data, revisited my scientific background to learn about viruses, the economy. I also had to confront that a small amount of what I studied formally may not have been for the altruistic intentions I believed.

I believe this latest discovery is exceptionally concerning, but we don't 100% know that what I have come up with is going to happen as predicted. Except we know that the indications points to regular vaccine boosters, age-independent mortality from vaccines, age-dependent mortality from Covid, reduced travel, reduced consumption and energy demand, reduced employment, universal basic income, removal of capital markets and price discovery, communism 2.0.

What is important, is we look at the progression of events and refer back to them to see where we are, and to dare to make predictions on where things are going. I often remark it is ironic that we have adopted the precautionary principle on Covid by locking down, destroying the economy and vaccinating the entire world, when nobody has taken the precautionary principle against government, media and big pharma - assuming everything they say is a lie and slowly accepting it could be valid.

I have found some truthers to be too out there. They only care that anybody with a blue-tick on Twitter must be controlled opposition, or that David Icke is part of the illuminati. None of this matters - almost everybody is compromised in some way or another.

People following the mainstream are even more trapped because they are the kind who could never; buy Bitcoin, or question whether house prices will always go up, question democracy, believe that the media is a control operation through mass propaganda.

My focus has been on looking at the data, the economy, and the science to try and figure out what is real. You will still get attacked for being a conspiracy theorist but that straw man attack becomes pretty pathetic.

What is the ultimate point of the scamdemic

It is simply to reduce, reduce, reduce. I am convinced that from the current reported adverse reactions from the vaccine - a significant positive for the "elite" will be infertility. I believe we will see more use of vaccine passports and ultimately digital approval to go about much of our lives, and reduce our ability to travel to other countries. Those choosing not to participate in this will not be killed, but will have to lurk in the shadows or in different principalities. Those partaking in the new system will have their entire lives centrally planned and most freedoms removed.

We are stuck in the ultimate paradox, most of us doesn't care for most other people - how can we and yet we are lead to believe that politicians are caring for society, looking out for our interests.

The end of my efforts on Covid for now

So, am certain that the majority of people have gone along with this simply for an easier life. Certainly, they can virtue signal on LinkedIn and Zoom calls. Daring to point out obvious truths is harmful to your career and how people perceive you. Ironically, the financial side and technological progression shows that the world people think they are retaining by conforming to this scamdemic, is exactly the world that won't exist the more they try to deny reality.

Whatever way we look at the Pandemic, it has irrevocably damaged the reputation of science and vaccines, and we are now faced with far more distrust of these systems. Even if people think vaccines are evil - of which there is a lot of counter argument supporting this belief, that there should be free choice and a free market economy capable of producing "cures" should be a good thing. 

I am still planning to clone my website for accurate data analysis like what this post covers, once the property platform is displaying data effectively.

So, am now attaching my spreadsheet and a link to my Bitchute. 

Video explaining findings on Rollout data

AgeOverviewCovidVaccines.xlsx (141.26 kb)


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