How I am deciding whether to take the Covid-19 vaccine

This is my thought process for how I will decide to take the vaccine or not. It is a simple set of questions, which once I reviewed can quite confidently say I won't be taking them. There is not a preferred order to answer. You need to make your own mind up and this is not an anti-vaxer post.

Questions on whether to take the Covid-19 vaccine or not

Cost benefit analysis

  • Does the health benefits to me individually outweigh the risks to me personally in taking the vaccine?

Morality questions

  • Are we being coerced into doing something we wouldn't want to do?
  • If other medicines were available, and had reduced the mortality rate, would we be as compliant and obedient towards government? Would we see as big a need for a vaccine?
  • Has government caused more harm than it has prevented with its response to the pandemic? Am thinking of old people deteriorating isolated in old people's homes, reduced social interaction, children in nurseries and schools being played around by teachers and unions, increased suicides.
  • Has there been consistent bad data and twisting of facts to support a narrative?
  • Has there been censorship which could have prevented the general public getting a more balanced view on the Scamdemic?
  • What the hell was this mask nonsense all about?
  • Can I give the government a get out of jail free card?
  • What is the chance that government will admit its mistakes and let things go back to normal?
  • What is the fourth industrial revolution?

Understanding the questions

It may appear that these questions can be taken - as is, but a lot of fact exists behind them. For example, many people - huge numbers are being pulled along with the belief they will be able to go on holiday again, everybody I talk to says it.

Another big question - and this is one of the biggest ones personally for me. "Can I give the government a get out of jail free card?" It is sad to realise that for over a year, we have been bullied, intimidated, lied to upon multiple layers. During that time, the damage done to many people not with us, because of these lies is too much to bear.

Another big one "Has there been consistent bad data and twisting of facts to support a narrative?" Terrible, but true - why weren't people allowed anti-body tests, why wasn't vitamin D pushed, why weren't the umpteen other medicines promoted if the government wanted to save as many people as they can?

One obvious question is, what about others, what about protecting others? We have to ask where the evidence is of transmission in many situations and then prove that the vaccine is genuinely reducing transmission and benefiting the community. If you are questioning this point - you really haven't thought very hard.

Another question, I deliberately avoided doing was going into science behind the vaccines - I did do substantial reading on this and whilst I cannot claim to be an expert, the average person won't be able to really understand the many complexities to vaccines.

The fourth industrial revolution

The challenge with tying all these loose ends together, is it becomes just a theory about how and what happened. The "realists" or as I call them newspaper readers, will claim government just did the best they could, we have never had a pandemic like this before - it was unprecedented and uncertain times. Others will say - how could it have been so well co-ordinated.

I will tell you exactly how this went down, so you can stop being in denial.

  • The 2000, 2008, 2019 financial crises has left the global economy with debt levels of 6x on GDP.
  • In September 2019, the repo crisis meant the system was done.
  • The world leaders met at their various conventions, at the same time as the ongoing various "think-tanks" have been putting out their ideas - in particular the World Economic Forum.
  • These leaders were told that the economy was done. They had to reset the system. This is not new and has been discussed in financial circles for years.
  • In January, everything was in place for the Covid scamdemic.
  • The scamdemic, lockdowns, social distancing and many of the WEF ideologies were adhered to almost unilaterally around the world.
  • Micro-economies will never recover.
  • Too many people have wised up to the Scamdemic, government are getting tetchy. They won't go through with it and will start to back away claiming a victory over the "invisible enemy" - the virus.
  • The West's economy - already destroyed has now sealed its fate.

What about the other conspiracies?

There are many of them, I could rattle off 20 different agendas, but instead of thinking of them being a master plan, I think of it that different groups of people with different interests are trying to claim their slice of the pie.

I believe this scamdemic will end, but not without a significant lag - meaning that all of the sub-agendas; masks, social distancing, reduced office work, reduced travel, will continue - but the whole narrative will fall apart.

We will end up with a mishmash of vaccinated peoples un-vaccinated, and countries already on the brink of economic ruin will have to forget their crazy ideologies. However, this was 4th Industrial Revolution 1.0, they will return with a 2.0, and a 3.0 and we will be on that path unless more people push back.

"Oooh, you're just a Covid Denier"

Really? It doesn't matter actually. Having done substantial amounts of reading, we can concur that something exists and sadly causes terrible consequences for a very small proportion of society. I can concur that the vaccine does reduce the symptoms of the virus, and I can concur that for many people - the costs outweighs the benefits.

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