Coronavirus - I don't think they have a clue what they are doing

Over the last few days, I tried to think through exactly where we are with Covid-19 -the response we have seen by the media, the government(s), the government scientists, the real scientists, the World Health Organisation, the Centre for Disease Control (CDC), the social media zealots, the mask lovers and the World Economic Forum. I have seen untold censorship of leading experts and alternative journalists on platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

We have the two AstraZeneca and Pfizer vaccine. In addition, we have so many people rallying against vaccines. We know there has been issues and some  deaths with the vaccines and mainstream media has clamoured to not destroy the hope the vaccine will solve all our ills. We also heard that a vaccine recipient tested positive for sars-cov2 after the first dose (of course - two doses are needed apparently).

We had numerous demonstrations, which when they were for Black Lives Matter - police took the knee, but when there were complaints about loss of liberty - police and henchmen gave protesters a kicking. The obvious fearmongering of people spreading coronavirus asymptomatically has been completely debunked through studies, and evidenced by the lack of upticks when people have got out and socialised.

We have multiple freedom of information requests to governments and health executives asking whether the virus has been isolated and transmitted along the lines of Koch's postulates and this has been stated as not being the case. (Yes, we know it is the Bernician). Of course, we have numerous fact checking websites stating this doesn't mean Covid-19 does not exist and have personally read multiple papers claiming to have isolated the virus. Note how, within "The journal" website, they propose a bizarre analogy - effectively an appeal to ridicule fallacy;

"In the same way, the Department of Agriculture would almost certainly refuse a request that sought records proving the existence of cows, because it has probably never created any records about the proof that cows exist."

There has been the obvious glaring issue that the use of PCR-RT tests is not fit for purpose. Then there are huge variances in testing outcomes. Recently at Dover with the recent posturing of the French government closing the ports/borders - they tested 15526 tests and just 36 had positive results (Now, I think these were lateral flow tests). This is 0.23%. Yet, if we look at the UK government coronavirus data, we find the following metrics;

Where/Who/When Number Positive Total Tests Percentage
Daily 53,135 357,238 14.9
Weekly 272,551 2,745,373 9.9
Lorry Drivers at Dover 38 15526 0.23

Please bear with me if you don't know much about statistics. The basics are, to be able to confidently estimate the sample size needed to account for whether an outcome represents a population, we need a minimum number of people. An easier way to think of this would be that to confidently know we have an epidemic, we may need more than a single case.

If you know anything about statistics - you know that the above table is almost impossible. How do I know this???
I went to website and put in sample sizes;

Confidence Level 99% 99%
Margin of Error 1% 5%
Population Proportion 50% 50%
Population Size 66mln 66mlnn
Sample size 16600 666

(Funny how it ends up with 666, anyway).

"What are you telling me?"

It is not possible to have that level of variance.

What do you think?

Most will know, this blog has reiterated that the Covid narrative was simply to mask the collapse of the fiat monetary system. Does this mean there isn't a virus killing people - no, but there are too many unknown factors which leads me to assert the following.

If there is a virus, they don't know how to identify it and they don't have much confidence in being able to cure it. This is a shit-show from start to end. Ignoring all the various possibilities on what has gone on in 2020, I wouldn't trust the British government, European governments to run a piss up in a brewery. This doesn't bode well, because most just wants some confidence that life can go back to normal. Spoiler alert - life is never going back to normal. Whatever side of the fence you sit on - we have the most hopeless people in charge, employing losers who see a quick buck rather than coming out with any meaningful solutions as that would make their previous decisions look bad. We now have all kinds of stats on the woe befalling society, yet it is glossed over for Covid.

It really is time people woke the hell up and complained. Whether you believe there is a killer mutant virus on the rampage or not - your liberties are being trampled on. If there is a virus targeting specific sections of society then they should be protected - the government and authorities are doing a heinous job of doing that too.

Of course, if you have any hope that;

  • The vaccine will work.
  • Stop you needing to wear a mask.
  • Give your kids a normal life again.
  • Protect old people from dying.

Just sit on your hands and wait for the West to be destroyed. 

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