Example letter to company asking them why they are mandating masks when science says the opposite

A real story on masks

My friend recently flew to Russia. Masks had to be worn on the underground to Heathrow aiport, in Heathrow airport, they had to be worn on the flight, masks had to be worn at Moscow airport, and they had to be worn on the internal flight again. 

Many of you will think - oh well, we must do what the government says. The government science says this etc. Others simply think - I don't want to get a fine. Of course, if you don't follow an airline's rules then you can't catch a flight. Effectively, we are becoming imprisoned in our own homes.
Now this friend has a severe facial reaction to this mask. They were wearing medically approved masks because their family member is a healthcare professional and has access to better grade equipment.
To many people, they will say - "what's the big deal, it is just a bit of cloth I am wearing to protect others?" If - 11 months long on this scamdemic, you are that retarded to be saying that, there is little hope for you. I have read study upon study for and against masks, and it is beyond disturbing what I read. There are numerous; pulmonary conditions from wearing masks, potential brain related issues, blood related issues and of course skin related conditions. Personally, more alarming than this, are the psychological impact from wearing masks. Ever noticed people reduce eye contact? It is a shaming implement.

My suggestion to the friend

You're a solicitor, you understand law, why don't you write a letter to each of the parties involved asking them to explain their risk assessment on why they are advocating masks when the science and research says the exact opposite? The safety of their passengers and customers is number one apparently, so why are they mandating a device which causes harm? Furthermore, it isn't about government guidance - as the guidance is wrong.

Strangely, like most people who choose to keep quiet in the hope of an easier life, they didn't see why they should write a letter.

Isn't it actually a lot easier than we thought?

Isn't the solution to simply start inundating these businesses with challenges as to whether they are putting the safety of their customers behind following nonsensical government guidance which is most definitely not following the science?

Can't we start putting civil actions against these businesses?

My solutions to getting back to a new normal

The letter

This should be reviewed by a lawyer, but this is the general gist of what parents, passengers, customers, and employees must start doing. Yes - it is painfully apparent there will be those bedwetters crying that - not getting the virus is more important than a bit of discomfort. To this pathetic utterance - no, the science says masks do not work and there is untold evidence of harm from masks.
I flew on your airline [Details here] and was mandated to wear masks. I now have an extreme allergic reaction on my face. I was wearing medically recommended masks. At no point on the flight are we permitted to remove the mask.
I find it staggering that an airline, who's very existence is predicated upon the safety and care of its passengers can ignore the significant and mounting evidence around masks being ineffective, causing skin and are evidenced to lead to many other health related issues.
I attach two landmark studies and ask specifically, what risk assessments your company took to ensure the safety of its staff and its customers. It is not acceptable to say your airline are following government guidance because the science says the opposite.

I expect a prompt reply and am considering many options to ensure yours and other airlines puts their customer's safety first.
Best Regards,
There we are. A powerful and yet simple way to get companies to be accountable. Do I like introducing more burden on companies - not at all, am a free market capitalist but looking the other way is no longer acceptable?

The data - the evidence - the record

The big problem when trying to attach personal significance and experience to a cause is it is subject to being treated as anecdotal. As a data professional, I have seen the many ways in which data has been misused by government and strategic agencies such as the World Health Organisation to mislead people into believing falsehoods.

Always complain

No matter how annoying it is to have to write letters or emails - always complain. To look the other way means you are hoping the problem will magically solve itself. Silence is treated as acceptance and becomes support.

Create clear channels for recording reportable information

I am very close to having a working version of findigl online - my property platform. The very impressive feature of this, is it is generic - meaning I can take this same platform and repurpose it for a completely different use case.
I am to be putting up at least one website portal where people can record their experiences to turn anecdotal into evidential.

Challenge media and quasi authorities

When somebody in a position of authority says something, we attach significance to it because of their position. Most times, what they say is complete bullshit. Worse, it is unsubstantiated drivel.
We see genuine concerns about vaccinations, yet politicians such as Keir Starmer and recently quoted Neil Basu (counter terror boss) has called for silencing of "anti-vaxers" as it can spread "misinformation that could cost people's live?" The point here is - there is zero evidence of anything. We don't have a coronavirus vaccine working right now, and we have no evidence that the vaccine would have saved the people's lives. Haven't we heard politicians blame fat people for the coronavirus deaths?
Once we go on these strange "wild goose chases", most of these "authorities" are propagating mindless drivel, zero evidence based.
More concerning is this. Supposing, if in some not too distant future, scientific research has to be approved before it can be undertaken and if the findings aren't what were expected - it gets thrown away?

Don't let friends and family look the other way

What has stood out, during this scamdemic, is the passive aggressive nature of many. They don't like you shattering their belief systems that there really is this virus killing more people than ever and we have to do everything the government says as government has our best interests at heart. The etymology of the word "Government" is mind control. Govern - rule, control and ment = mento, mind.

It is that simple. If people stop thinking, stop questioning, blindly accept everything then their silence will become taken as acceptance.

We all want an easier life, having to figure out what this scamdemic is about really wasn't something I wanted to do. Being a parent made me do it and letting people get away with it is not acceptable.

For this reason, I have zero shame in passing on studies in whatsapp groups. I voice dissent to companies and organisations who follow this ridiculous dictum and so should you if we want things to become normal again.

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