Sleepwalking into losing our freedoms and way of life permamently - covid-19

The attack to our liberty won't be at the hands of forced vaccination or the military. It is happening behind Middle England's desks. Those office-workers who are working from home. Not far behind are those furloughed from service industries. It is understandable these deskchair submissives don't rock the boat; many are busy doing their day-job, providing for their family, making sure they stay employed. When they go to the shops they will wear a mask because it is what the government tells them to do. They imagine anybody who doesn't agree with the lockdown is a conspiracy theorist.

Worse, these anti-society people have read enough mainstream media on the subject to fully go along with the narrative, and have watched enough news to be suitably terrified. They could "kill Grandma" - nobody cares about Grandpa? Infect an entire village? Some individuals have gone as far as to have read some pseudo science - which only muddies the waters further. They have tepid opinion on the efficacy of masks but quickly retreat once I mention there has been science and data on this over many studies and years of research.

Today, we have seen Chris Whitty and Valance do their worst in terms of talking up a lockdown. Pubs are now closing early. Weirder, many are campaigning for these measures. They can't look at data nor do they want to. It seems they are sleepwalking their way into oblivion.

If you want to move towards the end of this post, I have some charts and considerations on the covid-19 data.

Common reasons for why coronavirus is misunderstood by the general public

We may wonder why there is so much confusion? From conversations with friends, families etc, the following appears to be common;

  • They haven't read any actual studies or undertaken any actual analysis themselves - for example, going to the nhs datasets or comparing previous pandemics.
  • The reliance upon mainstream media is not enough to gain a proper understanding of covid-19. As we will see, Mainstream Media has pulled many tricks to keep this sham going.
  • They naturally assume that the government scientists are correct and any other scientists or qualified opinion is not worth listening to.
  • They actively enjoy laughing along at the conspiracy theorist label assigned to anybody who questions the government - hello, fascism.
  • They are incapable of applying common sense and logic. Whilst anecdotal, why is it everybody had a cold at the beginning of this month?

Disinformation is rife, but not in the way most imagine it. Those who have undertaken further research and got the picture, when reading newspaper articles struggle to recognise their version of reality from what is happening. Furthermore, the 77th Brigade are doing their best to further the disinformation the government wants people to hear. Conspiracy? Don't give a crap to be honest. 

77th Brigade

Of course, the same people who think the government has our back, also thinks the 77th Brigade is doing what it says on its home page.

Some assertions on sars-cov2 - aka the novel coronavirus

Am happy to be corrected on any of these points. This is what science does, it lets people be wrong but act on the knowledge held at the time. Please note; this article is not a research paper. It is opinion on analysis and research I have read. You have to do your own reading and reach your own conclusions.

Here are some assertions which at the time of this we know to be true based upon many studies and experts who are not on official government payroll;

  • Covid-19 has not had a higher cause of deaths than other significant pandemics. Indeed, it caught up on a previously quiet fatality autumn-winter flu season.
  • Covid-19 does not re-infect. There is no science on this. The videos from China - false, staged, faked.
  • Covid-19 (at the time of writing 21 November 2020) has killed just over 300 people aged under 50 outright in the UK (no underlying co-morbidities).
  • Flu is killing 10 times the number of covid deaths right now.
  • The NHS is not seeing patients and has effectively eaten itself into oblivion.
  • The British government spent £15 billion on PPE - wasted more like.
  • Frontline workers, BAME and any other so-called group are no more likely to have contracted and suffered from coronavirus than other groups once adjusted for co-morbidities.
  • Sars-cov2 follows typical pandemics/flu seasons with slight variation in the peak of the virus.
  • Sars-cov2 has not seen a second wave. The US has a large latitudinal range meaning it gets both ends of the barrels in terms of viruses through seasonality.
  • The higher degree of testing is causing a higher false positive rate causing more cases to be identified which may not be valid cases.
  • Social distancing has not been proven to work scientifically.
  • Deaths are not rising as cases increase (link back to false-positives).
  • Mask wearing efficacy has not been proven to work scientifically.
  • Scientists advocating mask wearing never refer back to studies on the physiological and psychological studies against mask wearing.

Examples of cognitive dissonance or normalisation?

A visit yesterday

If my friend ever reads this post, I apologise. It is not meant to mock the person but shows how a little information is dangerous and how blind people are to the truth. Before delving into this we have to understand they are British citizens and not British native. This is important because I have a theory that non-native British don't have the same angst against government - they have an out.

"Of course I wear masks in shops". But they don't work and are harmful, why would you do it? Do you want your child to be wearing a mask at school? Why would you support it?

"Oh, it is more of a political thing". So if it is political and doesn't work, why would you support it? Shouldn't you be disgusted you are following something that is wrong? Do you always support the government?

"It is our duty to try and do our bit to reduce the spread?" We have virtually no cases, the cases identified are mainly false positives. Coronavirus is over. It doesn't affect healthy people (super rarely). Social distancing hasn't been proven to work and neither has mask wearing. The recent cold wave early September seemed to prove that? Masks have a lot of serious side effects too.

I think the truth is, people are terrified of going against the system. Why?

A friend who heads up a data team at a major retailer

If you read this, sorry for putting this article out. I bumped into my friend a few weeks ago - I was on the way to the Trafalgar Square protest. This was a desk-bound Covid bedwetter on heat. There was little point arguing with somebody so fervently for the lockdown and in morbid fear of covid. The only point I will hang on is they had modelled that up to 20% of their work force (in-store) could be permanently reduced by Covid-19. I pointed out it hasn't happened, has it and the reply was this was because of the special measures adopted in the stores? Well - had they ran some double-blind trial where some stores were not subject to their new measures by way of proof? Of course not.

I mentioned that the economy was screwed, this started with the repo crisis back in 2019 and Covid was the convenient donkey to pin the tail on. "ooh, that sounds like a conspiracy theory". Well - let's see what happens.

The bedwetters and apologists on social media

Yesterday's and today's announcement by the UK government's flu d'etat has only heightened the resolve of those hellbent on living in fear and belief to double down on being safe, careful, that non-mask wearers are evil etc. We have to look at real data, understand what the charts and projections are actually telling us. We certainly shouldn't believe the government scientists have all the answers. Many facets of our life, which we believe to be correct once we look deeper are not - pensions for example.

I wanted to avoid referring to actual examples, but I couldn't resist. It is worth, just taking a brief look at this website. I have taken screengrabs of a couple of the current charts. 

I have attached, what looks like a flattened curve since around May/June. We do see a slight increase over time but that is because the chart is "cumulative", but this is "cases" a very wooly definition and notwithstanding the many sampling errors. 

This type of chart is very easy to fool people because it still looks like a continued increase in coronavirus cases. The cumulative chart is used to see a flattened curve - not to show declining cases. 

When we plotted the real deaths over time, per week we see a normal Gompertz curve.

What is significant about the chart above, is it is typical. There is a slightly higher peak but if you do go over different pandemics the data can be explained. I don't mean to steal the thunder of Ivor Cummins, so please check him out.

I want you to see this government projection of coronavirus cases (Prime Minister's office) which the government "scientists" put out.

The above chart represents what the government scientists say is going to happen to coronavirus. Absolutely, we can see they have applied an exponent against weekly data to plot an ever increasing series of cases. 

"Technical Analysis", TA for short, is a mechanism used by traders of assets who attempt to predict asset stock prices based upon historical trends. TA has significant detractors, but is a go to tool of many traders to increase their chance of profits. One such technique is the use of moving averages. A moving average takes a number of days and plots that per day on the chart. 

The chart below is a UK daily death count with two moving averages - 5 day and a 90 day. With moving averages, big signals to a change are when the lines cross. If we look at around 14th September 2020, we see the 90 day average moving above the 5 day. This is known as a bearish signal - or a death cross and literally means one thing for covid-19 - deaths are going to remain low.

I am not an expert practitioner of technical analysis, but do use it as a technique and have enough understanding of it. Am certain this chart I knocked up on trading view. This chart could be improved, but I know whose chart I would trust.

Some solutions to changing the perception of the public on coronavirus

Accepting the risk

I had a destroyed back for months. A lot of my time was spent reading up on viruses, clinical studies, genome detection, previous pandemics, viral phenology etc. During this time I switched from being respectful (whilst always against the lockdown) to becoming shocked at the level of deceit going on in many areas of life. Furthermore - it was quite clear most cannot see more than one step ahead at a time. The minute lockdown was announced, I knew it would be 6 months if not indefinite. I knew there would not be a vaccine in a good while, if at all. Similarly, those thinking a vaccine will save everybody are clearly deluded. 
An example of efficacy of flu vaccines - CDC

Why has there been little discussion around good immunity? Much of the guidance works against well established science.

Publishing real information on pandemics, public attitudes and experiences on the government's/public authorities' responses to coronavirus

It really is challenging, to try and think about meaningful ways to change the way we are being made to live through this coronavirus. We can't become terrorists, we can't take out the police, we can't get hold of guns or any other stuff like many countries have undertaken to take down their failed dictatorship.

The only way we can help is to put real information out. Not censorable on social media. Blockchain is one such place. Am planning to repurpose my content management system to have articles and datasets on which provides accessible facts on what is happening with regards to the economy, pandemics, schools, hospitals, police etc.

If you are interested, drop me a line. Take care for now.

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