Slowly, people are realising just how much coronavirus is affecting them - being a parent in the UK during Covid-19

We have seen this pandemic roll on way past the so-called peak which needed flattening. We are now seeing cases rather than hospitalisations into ICU as being the measure the government is using to beat us with a stick.

Wake the fuck up. Seriously. I have been banging on about this scamdemic since I first started looking at the numbers. Recent RT article on IFR and CFR . Furthermore, I have been telling people that it was not going to be just 2 weeks, more like 6 months, perpetual even. I kept on about the masks, the studies I have read on the deleterious effects of them. If anybody was still listening, then I kept on about the economic disaster about to befall them. I explained to many that the wiping of the NHS debt was so it can be sold on. The many doctors and nurses no longer seeing patients were effectively outsourcing themselves to India. 

Espousing nonsense like, education is important, a special kind of stupid award goes to many of the parents of kids attending schools in the United Kingdom. Parents have a misplaced sense of purpose in schools which never lives up to its promise. Sure, many kids may end up with degrees but don't have basic life skills. The majority fall off the wagon without basic skills in reading and writing, without critical thinking skills. Equally, most parents don't realise that IQ is largely hereditary. Campaigning for a good education for their kids when their IQ is low. Parents hand their kids over to the state and assume they will come out 16 to 20 years later an astrophysicist (which doesn't pay very well by the way). Jeff Berwick calls schools Government Indoctrination Camps.

Are all schools awful, all teachers terrible? Not in the slightest, but there is at least a middle-ground?

Woke leftieism

Whilst not pertaining to right or left, the number of teachers who fall on the side of the woke left is staggering. Belonging to unions, many teachers have all kinds of misplaced opinions on the importance of their roles on shaping children to be upstanding citizens functioning for the collective greater good. No more individuals.

The reality of being a parent in the UK and during Covid-19

The state owns your child. Your child can be taken into care. Even if you believe schools are bad for your child, if they don't attend school or are not independently educated out of school to the local education authority's satisfaction - your child could get taken away from you. Of course, we know that many children in care suffer abuse from paedophiles and that huge well cited abuse rings in Northern England functioned almost condoned by the state and local councils but it isn't the point. There is no carrot and only a stick.

Parents can't get back from holiday one day late, else risk falling foul of the system. Having a child seems to be a prison for most parents - especially those in poverty. Many can't defend themselves, understand the system and argue their case.

2 friends, 3 children. 2 children new at primary school, one has a cold, the other has a stomach bug. Both families shitting themselves they may have to quarantine again. Today, one parent took their child to school for the first day. The child was sent home and told to take a covid-19 test. Despite living in London the nearest testing centre is 50 miles away and no home testing kits. Remember, the home testing kits have a 60% false positive rate so it is bullshit. The child attending secondary school is blaming the four year old for risking them having to quarantine also and missing out on their education. All parents are worried about not being able to work through being forced into quarantine again and the money offered by government is not enough.

It is doubtful the parents have taken the attitude that the system stinks, is riddled with incompetency and double standards. Many parents attending these schools want their kids socially distancing, unable to look at the real figures on covid-19 they are like vacant sheep.

What we have is, kids starting back at school, getting colds and other bugs as they always do falling under the umbrella of covid-19 so government can use this to fuck people's lives up further.

Yet, we have another example of Stockholm Syndrome - parents; worrying for teacher's safety, sending their kids to school in masks, begging for schools to reopen, thanking Boris Johnson whilst simulataneously losing their ability to provide for their family.

Solutions to the government and pandemic

I was laughed at by a few people for attending the lockdown protest at Trafalgar Square - they don't do anything. Admittedly, they aren't the best way to solve what is happening but slowly ideas spread. Not conspiracies, just facts.

I intend to release my new platform which will allow people to record events and incidents on their. This information will become empirical and statistically verifiable proofs. Parents will be able to see which schools are misfunctoning. 

If people find this post uncomfortable, I really don't give a shit. Having to spend my time pointing out how lazy people have been in waking up to this scamdemic is irritating.

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