Mask wearing in schools must be the final straw in this totalitarian government's demonisation of being human

The reason I write these blogs are either to simply put new ideas out or to let people know about my work, services and products on my various platforms. My blog covers technology, my startup, investments, trading and all manner of things. Visitors over the last 6 months will see a big drive regards to the plandemic - covid-19 or coronavirus.

I often hear - what makes you more qualified than doctors or epidemiologists or government scientists or any other experts?

Imagine you are going to catch a flight, the engineer tells you it is safe, the pilot and co-pilot have 50 years of flight experience, the plane meets all Civil Aviation Authority standards but one thing sticks out. A data analyst has observed that this plane has a 60% crash rate. Data and statistics whilst open to manipulation - often by government authorities (recent blog post). If you find yourself at the airport and this is your plane, you know that statistically, one of the flights will crash. You shouldn't get on the plane. Similarly, when we know that there is a .03% IFR with covid-19 and very low prevalence amongst younger people we cannot and must not destroy society on a whim.

In the case of UK mainstream education, as well as having been through the system to graduate stage, I worked as the project technical lead (database) for a widescale system implementation at a Local Education Authority. In addition to visiting schools, meeting teachers, professionals in many areas around the huge number of services offered to children and their parents to list a few; Educated out of school, admissions, pupil referral units, exclusions, special education needs, key to success, in care, and many other areas.

What struck was that education had become a specialised filtration system. Many kids who were capable of achieving could fall off the edge way too easily. I for certain, would never have got to university and would have been excluded from school to school.

Please forget cognitive dissonance when we think about schools

Nothing is more sickly than listening to parents gush over the school their kids are going to attend. When they tell you it is all about connections formed during secondary school. If a board member suggested somebody they went to school with at the age of 13 should become the head of risk in an investment bank you would go nuts.

Without judging occupations, bus drivers, store workers will celebrate the importance of a good education. Why is it, if education is so important, do we have criminals and many other undesirable elements in society?

Equally, it seems qualifications play little importance in terms of career success? I never studied computer science and have worked in technology for nearly 20 years.

Too much emphasis is put on the process of schooling, how formative it is, how much knowledge we gain at school to bring to the party later in life - absolute bollocks. Not to dismiss the efforts of many teachers, but A Levels and University were more about learning a system than what was being taught. I have learned far more after graduating than all my years of schooling. Thanks to the Internet and further reading. One of the more remarkable things is, as being a technologist I can write software that can remove mundane processes which would have to be undertaken manually. 

That technology, and indeed, the singularity may make how we view education in the very near future means we should throw away most of our confirmation bias when it comes to education.

Recently, with the coronavirus pandemic, children have been weaponised and used as another assault on the hearts and minds of the nation.

How covid-19 and government has caused parents to want that which is most harmful to their children - mainstream education (MSE)

I have a fair bit of disagreement with regards to how my son will eventually be schooled. Ideally, I want him to have a degree but I don't want him going through an ever-increasing number of hoops to get one. Just like we can predict that investment banks won't be around in 5-10 years, we can predict that MSE will be radically different in 10-20 years.

Here are some observations on how people around education have been affected by the scamdemic;

  • Thick parents being forced to home school their kids, can only imagine the stress.
  • Kids committing suicide and getting depressed through a lack of social interaction.
  • Some parents wondering about the efficacy of education.
  • The exams fiasco where the British government decided to award grades outside of any assessment process. (Potentially, IQ and other psyche related phenomena may be a better predictor of ability than attainment but this is outside the scope of this post).
  • Huge numbers of parents rushing back from abroad due to draconian changes in quarantine rules to get back for schools.
  • Teachers demanding more and more protection despite almost zero evidence of kids passing on covid-19 or being affected by it.
  • Knee-jerk reactions by head teachers mandating mask wearing in schools, government now following suit, doubling down on stupidity.

Just like leaving the house without your trousers, parents have forgotten the initial observation - Mainstream Education fails. Why is it knife crime increases year on year, yet there is zero tolerance of violence within schools? We can rattle through scenarios and find data to damn MSE further.

Masks in schools

The science is settled, wording on government guidance attests to as much - masks are ineffective at stopping covid-19, as was social distancing. The data proves this. Government has been working its way through different sections of society and now it wants to have a go at school children. There are no shortage of bedwetters happy to climb onboard.

You need to find your own data and evidence, I will be producing a site which will have significant links and data points but I will explain why masks in schools are evil. 

This relies upon a number of assumptions, which may be false - an example is to assume that education is important and contributes to the success of every pupil who passes through the system, that education helps every child to be the best they can be.

Masks are another trip-hazard, another thing which can cause a child to fall foul of compliance. This results in punishment and will contribute to many children getting excluded. We will definitely find a link between exclusion and low achievement in later life.

Other measures being adopted in schools

  • Children only allowed to remain in the same class, no interactions with pupils of other classes or different ages.
  • Mask wearing in class in many countries.
  • Teachers wearing masks and visors.
  • Social distanced eating.

How do we break free of this covid-19 coronavirus tyranny?

Tyranny is something which can only be enforced because enough people comply with it. 

We need to complain. If we see an advertisement by the NHS, complain about it online and to the advertising standards authority. If we see a child in a mask, complain to the school? Legally we can question whether headteachers are causing emotional harm to children by upholding mask wearing. Parents should protest outside the schools.

However, I think we need to challenge the government and local authority, question whether they should have any legal jurisdiction over children at all. This rabbit hole, of what power the state has over any individual has to be entered. Many philosophers and in particular, neo-classical and post-modernist have quite rightly raised questions on the scope of the state's remit over the individual. Indeed, all but Eric Frohm seems to be happy to celebrate the individual.

A final conundrum I have, is the role of the media. The assumption is media is being, effectively, demonetised through a lack of patronage. Yet it seems the influence of media over the population has never been stronger. We only have to look at the number of mask wearers in many shops. Economically, how can these businesses survive if they aren't gaining readers, can advertisers justify a presence on these languishing platforms? Could it be that the money printed by government to offset the economic disaster of the pandemic has been used to affect the mind of the common man?

I can guarantee that by the time my child approaches school age we will not be in the UK. There is something submissive and pervasive about our society and how weak we have become.


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