The NHS is eating itself with it's own pomposity and self importance whilst people suffer and die

Those who read my blog will know I talk on a range of issues. Certainly the covid-19 scamdemic is a real concern. Yes, I believe covid-19 is real. So let's clear that up. 

Specifically, the UK is suffering a health crisis made magnitudes greater by the UK government and it's various departments. This is a quick letter I sent earlier.

My letter to a PALS (hospital customer service) UK

Hello. I am currently struggling with terrible back pain. Whilst I understand the NHS has many incredible and dedicated people working within it. The general acquiescence to Covid-19 has been nothing short of evil. We have medical staff who seem to think their patients are diseased rabid monkeys to be dealt with over the phone.
Basic timeline was;
  • Telephone call to my GP when suffering extreme pain in the glute/back.
  • GP called back prescribing pain killers despite me explaining it was a chronic condition.
  • Called back a few days later as the pain killers were ineffective. Finally given an MRI scan. 
  • Many weeks later, went to Whitechapel for an MRI scan. Forced to wear a mask on premises. I am a science graduate and data analyst, and have seen nothing to support the use of masks. Have read many papers on this.
  • The doctor called me. Told me it was slight wear and tear and that physio would help. 
  • I received a call from a physiotherapist who told me they don't do physiotherapy any more and it is guidance over the phone only because of "the covid".
  • I have been sent a guided pdf of exercises to do to improve my strength and core - guess what, I know these exercises already.
Luckily, I have been able to find a chiropractor, find lots of equipment to privately improve my condition. I have no issue with any of the individuals who have tried to help me, but the NHS  is a decrepit, dysfunctional self-serving organisation which is doing real harm to people. Why are people paying taxes to get no service they have to deal with privately?

I won't just be contacting you regarding this, but my MP (who is also useless) and pushing this outside of normal channels including the GMC.
The scary thing is, it seems the general attitude of NHS staff is that this is a perfectly reasonable response to something that is not worse than influenza. We know that the testing has been a joke with 60% false positives, that people have died with rather than of covid-19 and I could go on.
Again, am sure your hands are tied. I have worked in the NHS three times myself and understand how challenging it is. If the NHS goes along with this scam, it is the end of them.

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