Understanding coronavirus and covid-19 from a cynic's perspective

Being cynical about Covid-19 does not make you a crazy person. In every day life we make thousands of voluntary and involuntary choices. Those who have read work by Daniel Kahneman (please do) will know he divides the brain into two systems;

Type 1 - automated, innate, habitual requiring little energy.

Type 2 - thoughtful, deliberate, challenging involving significant energy of thought.

When facing a new task, it may require type 2 thinking. Other times, the type 1 system can take over. This is how we can assimilate lots of information quickly, there is little need to apply much thought. Indeed, what would drive people nuts is if they did spend their waking hours approaching everything in a type 2 manner.

Often though, we do need to critically look at what is happening because it directly affects not only our lives but our children's lives. One great example is pensions. I have a financial advisor and he is a great guy with a lot of knowledge and ability but if I simply handed over managing this area - I would be poorer for it but he can surprise me.

What this post will cover recording coronavirus?

It won't go into lots of detail. The idea is, like in the type 1 and type 2 systems, we go and look into this further. Hopefully, some logical points can be raised. You don't have to believe them, but it is important to look back. More important, I am not going to even cite references and sources. I have done on other posts and media.

Why is the acquiesence to the fear of coronavirus so serious?

The voracity of change and the complicity of many to this "new normal" is frightening. We can't claim that it was ever normal before, so much didn't make sense. When we think about this 20th century rat race - most of it was pointless except for one fact. Theoretically - each person had agency and the ability to create things for themselves. The free market was arranged so that whilst most was rigged against succeeding, society dragged itself up. We could have access to resources if required. You could look up a translation service in the Yellow Pages if a Frenchman turned up at your door for example.

Previous blogs covered Eric Frohm's a man for himself and Henry Hazlitt's Economics in one lesson. These were written after the second world war when the horror of what had happened was seared into the minds of all yet optimism coupled with the desire to not suffer the same fate again was present.

Where are we now? Well, we seem doomed to keep repeating the same mistakes time and time again;

  • The Zeitgeist allowed Hitler to rise to power through the unchallenging minds of Germany's citizens.
  • Citizens from all countries subjugated themselves to the mercy of battle through the psychology of nationalism and honour.
  • A lot of bad decisions were masked by the concept of the greater good.
  • The greater good meant that individual liberty and freedom of thought was bad.
  • Hierarchy and mandate of orders should be followed without question.

Why do I mention the second world war? It was a real war, Hitler was inherently evil, killed millions of jews and needed stopping. It is vital we make the distinction of real war versus what world leaders are terming the "invisible enemy" and the so-called war we are fighting against coronavirus.

We had the war on terror, we had the Iraq war. I remember, at one point, 80% of the American population supported the Iraq war. Easy to support a war when it is done by proxy. Also, it meant that at least 60% of women - so-called mothers and kind souls supported war.

We have to ask why? Well, the reason was the media campaign to which we now know was built upon fake dossiers with weapons of mass destruction.

Does this mean that one side is good and the other evil? Of course not, winning the hearts and minds of your people may come through deceit. Read up on the real story of Pearl Harbour and question just how was it possible that it could have happened?

Where now?

It seems uncertain. We don't need to search for conspiracy, there doesn't always need to be a reason why, a chain of planned and carefully constructed events to prove something isn't right. I have my specific timeline and it goes like this;

  • Bretton Woods and Nixon exiting the Gold Standard in 1971.
  • The petrodollar and trinational agreement between the UK, US, and Saudi Arabia - OPEC.
  • The fiat based money system being incapable of exercising restraint increasing the debasement of the currency.
  • Seismic economic shocks requiring intervention. Black Wednesday (1992 UK exiting the ERM), 911, Tech Bubble (2000), Housing Sector bubble (2007-2008), Quantitative Easing.
  • War on Coronavirus/Covid-19.

We don't have to put these as being "planned events". They don't have to be conspiracies. For the thickies - the sheeple, they want absolute proof and yet spend their time functioning in system 1 mode on things they should really look into a bit more.

Specific problems with the coronavirus/covid-19 narrative

I apologise on the previous content, but some framing of why this post is taking the angle was needed. If you can please assume, I have applied a lot of consistency and method using my background in science, finance and data to attempt to untangle this mess. Please do your own research.

How covid-19 first came about

Was it a bird, was it a plane, a bat perhaps, or manufactured in a category 4 laboratory in China? We don't know. We do know there are questions from leading professors that it would have taken 800 years for the virus to jump from bat to human. 

I heard about the virus before it became mainstream through Cliff High. I had started hearing about people dropping dead in the street. Those seemingly recovered and then dying with secondary infections. There were stories of Chinese authorities boarding people in their homes. At one point cats could pass it on, there were tigers in a New York zoo with a cough.

How I reacted to covid-19

I bought Chaga mushroom powder (for tea), multi-vitamins. I suspected we had already had covid-19 in January but the secondary reinfection information from China was scary as. I haven't had a cold since. 

I started following the daily WHO charts. Many things struck me, as a data person;

  • Wuhan quickly got it under control.
  • There was no granularity in the data - meaning, no breakdown by age, underlying conditions.
  • There was no cross-referencing - i.e. comparisons between different localities.
  • The term, flatten the curve, a typical method to know when something is tailing off was a poor choice of chart for non-statistical people. People are fooled into thinking the death rate isn't going down.

So I started to become suspicious of this.

Understanding the virus, the science, and the medicine

I started refreshing on and reading up on viruses, taking references of the many professionals who were - whilst not dismissing the risk were questioning the reaction to it. I have another post with links to these experts.

It was important to frame the covid-19 outbreak in relation to other viruses.

What was evident was;

  • It wasn't worse than the flu - flu has been more fatal in some recent years.
  • The tests were questionable.
  • It was hard to find scientific research on covid-19 (now I have).
  • A lot of doctors weren't and are still not capable of understanding data and epidemiology.

The last point, for me, has been the most worrying feature of covid-19. We have this appeal to authority fallcy of the sheeple. Those who are not a doctor believe the doctor's know everything. This is a problem. Again, not to attack doctors, here are some thoughts to question;

  • A doctor with an inquisitive mind would look deeper into the data.
  • If they had looked into it deeper things would not add up.
  • Based upon their hippocratic oath, there is a duty to the patients.
  • The medical councils are centrally controlled and often fed by guidance from international organisations such as the World Health Organisation.

Putting this together, we have an entire medical establishment silenced through risk of being struck off.

In spite of this, hundreds of medical professionals and experts have come out explaining inconsistencies in how they have been made to report covid-19. With versus Of for example. Just look up Eddie Large who apparently died of coronavirus, a great comedian who had suffered heart disease for over 20 years.

Masks and social distancing

I won't put too much in here as it is so obvious to anybody who cares to do research. If you read scientific studies on masks and social distancing - there is no evidence to support them. Indeed, they increase the risk of infection and harm.

One thing to cover (pardon the pun) is the new narrative, literally today. 22 July 2020. The narrative is now that C95 masks are bad, but that wearing ineffective masks and cloths lets you breath but protects others. It is a sleight of hand to discredit real science, and then claim whilst there isn't science to back it we should do it. Come on, look back to the 1950s when it was all the rage to smoke and they were healthy. Remember, this is government - the people you voted in to serve the people and keep your best interests at heart.

What is essential is to see the mask and social distancing as a variation on the "greater good" concept. Once we break down the greater good element to its parts it is evil. It fails to acknowledge the individual for some centrally mandated goal under the premise of being good for us.

We are not disease carrying evil hateful individuals wanting to murder people just because we don't want to wear a face-nappy. No - that is what government has done.

The models

As a software developer, I have a pretty unique way of approaching building software. There are general principles I take which are unconventional, but from reading about the code reviews from Fergusson's infamous Imperial College of London model used to predict the pandemic - it was a shittily written piece of software. Developers had reviewed the source code which showed the model could overstate incidence by a factor of 100 due to a coding error.

Note - I have proposed a way to build much better applications to help in understanding, predicting and modelling scenarios for not only pandemics but phenomena requiring inquiry.

The R rate

There are different ways to calculate the R rate, for one. Two, it tends to be more of a retrospective measure. Finally, Goodhart's law - "When a measure becomes a target, it ceases to be a good measure."

Infection Fatality Rate, Infection rates, and detection

  • Of versus with.
  • Public Health England recording deaths months after covid recovery as deaths of covid-19.
  • Double Counting stats.
  • PCR-RT testing kits with 60% false positives.
  • Cited examples of people/samples testing positive when not infected.
  • Financial incentives to record other conditions as covid-19. In the US - $3000 for a flu patient on a ventilator. $45000 on a ventilator with covid-19.

The media and their abysmal performance in this

I am NOT a covid denier. We can find mainstream newspaper articles covering almost all that is within this blog but I have noticed a pervasive obsession with omitting certain facts. Government hasn't been called into question. Excess deaths, the untold havoc wreaked through suicide, lack of access to care for non covid-19 conditions, the shock way the medical professional has made itself unapproachable, dental appointments no longer possible, the cancer timebomb and stories of so many cancer patients being left to rot and die without assessment. All whilst doctors, ambulance drivers, nurses, police engage in tiktok videos.

The pushing of masks, articles making them sound cool and fashionable. Worse, is clear examples of stories telling people to do the exact opposite to be healthy that they should do.

The government, finance and parliament

It has taken time to write this post, I am getting bored of it myself, but continue I must. What made government so easily lead to destroying our way of life and existence? Rather than trying to answer this. Think of it another way.

Is it probable that China could report 3000 deaths in a city and that the whole world would buy into it? Swap the name China with Russia and imagine an ebola outbreak in a Russian city, would the UK and US shut down their economies accordingly?

We have evil heartless and sick people in government and opposition who are and have destroyed the lives of millions.

The finance

Central bankers and a few of the government heads are staring down the barrel of the biggest financial crisis ever. There is a need to keep printing more money at an exponential rate. The money had to be printed and coronavirus was the convenient heuristic for this. Most politicians don't know their arse from their elbow and so it was incredibly easy to vote for all these Orwellian measures for that infamous reason, the greater good. 

It doesn't need a conspiracy. Think of it like the spine in the central nervous system. It just takes a few key decision makers and everybody falls into line. It is easier to fall into line if you can benefit from this yourself too.


If you watch the BBC and read a newspaper to understand Coronavirus - God help you. If you want to try and get intelligent insight into it - from both angles, alternative media is a Godsend. The challenge is most social media has been deplatforming content and content producers avidly.

One quick example. OFCOM who have been mandating that media organisations cannot put information out on 5G is the same organisation handing out licenses for 5G.

We have seen many doctors and experts silenced and not given voices if they question or propose data on this. One such example, try simply suggesting we should improve natural immunity through vitamins.

Conclusion on the coronavirus scamdemic and opening our eyes

My belief is, most people know it isn't as has been made out. They haven't seen enough people die of it. Many have seen people die of other circumstances and complained to the coroner on this. Others have seen basic rights such as access to healthcare obliterated. Moreover, those parents who have been told about the importance of school may be wondering if school is necessary. Curiosity, the Internet and a self-starting mentality can more than overcome conventional mainstream education.

Currently, I operate on Twitter under a pseudonym trying to put alternative ideas out on this.

Personally, have given up on the hope that people will wake up and really start campaigning on the specific ways in which they have been scammed. There is a kind of psychopathy in rejecting truth in the hope you keep; your job, your pension, some form of normality when all around it is happening.

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