Understanding coronavirus and covid-19 from a cynic's perspective

Being cynical about Covid-19 does not make you a crazy person. In every day life we make thousands of voluntary and involuntary choices. Those who have read work by Daniel Kahneman (please do) will know he divides the brain into two systems;

Type 1 - automated, innate, habitual requiring little energy.

Type 2 - thoughtful, deliberate, challenging involving significant energy of thought.

When facing a new task, it may require type 2 thinking. Other times, the type 1 system can take over. This is how we can assimilate lots of information quickly, there is little need to apply much thought. Indeed, what would drive people nuts is if they did spend their waking hours approaching everything in a type 2 manner.

Often though, we do need to critically look at what is happening because it directly affects not only our lives but our children's lives.

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