Facemask studies on the benefits and effects from wearing them to prevent infections

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Right now, we have a clear demarcation between the mask wearing brigade and the non-mask wearers. The proponents of mask wearers state that;

  • It is your moral duty to protect others.
  • Wearing a mask saves lives.
  • It's just a face cloth.
  • You're a murderer if you don't wear a mask.
  • You are protecting yourself from catching covid-19.

Unfortunately, all of these perspectives, as I have understood it are not only insane they are false. It is dangerous to impose mask wearing on people.

What completely fucks me off, is it really isn't that hard to go online, read some journals/studies. So, I did just that. I didn't choose studies that proves my opinion, indeed some may be inconclusive or need further investigation. I need to read these studies myself to fully understand them.

It's all about the science

Science really is a bastard. Why, because you have to prove something. We cannot add conjecture or find related bits of information and assert a truth.

Bad science does exist, but the purpose of good science is to correct bad science. Remember, determining whether masks are 100% bad or good is not the purpose of these studies. The data is what they seek to validate to establish a proof.

For this reason, the burden of proof is on the part of the government, it's minions and the sheeple to prove that wearing masks is great and a brilliant solution for humanity as it stands. It is beyond belief that we have had hundreds of years of medical advancement and if only we had known about a face nappy.

If these studies are to be taken seriously, long journeys or workers engaging in activity are seriously at risk of harm.

The links and articles

I did download these articles, and the links should work. Am not 100% on being able to host them on my site.

Effectiveness of masks




Health effects of wearing masks

Honestly, these are frightening observations. Hypercapnia, Hypoxemia, Hypoxia are outcomes from prolonged wearing of masks. I purchased a military grade mask and it is one way to completely eliminate the risk of catching a virus BUT it is evil and unpleasant to wear. These are for emergency situations.




A friendly YouTube video


Final thoughts on masks and the sheeple

I am kind of incapacitated at the moment with a back issue. It means I spend more time on Twitter and social media than I would like. Yesterday - my alter ego account got involved in trying to defend a pHD dude who was fighting off hordes of mask zealots. I said I would create an article after reviewing some journals/trials. I took a break between coding, has taken some time, but not a lot. If I can do it, they can do it.

Another guy attacked people for not wearing a mask with all kinds of profanities. When I suggested there are studies he could look into. He admitted he hadn't taken the time to read any - indeed he hasn't got the time. So, where is this guy getting his information from? Yep - the government and media who miss vital details and twist narratives. It will be an epiphany for him once he realises he has been lied to.

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