Why nobody will admit to the biggest scam of all time - coronavirus and why freedom matters

Earlier, I was discussing Boris Johnson infamous prank telephone call where a famous Russian hoaxer called Boris Johnson pretending to be a Russian Minister. My friend said, because she hasn't seen it for herself it isn't real. Once I asked another person about this and to tell this friend it was true they said, okay, it may be true. 

"Would you drink a bottle of bleach - unless you have seen the effects of drinking bleach first hand, how do you decide what is safe?" This reminds me of Arthur Schopenhauer's A World as Will and Idea where he discusses reality. At some point you can deny everything to the point you would be classed as insane.

Wilful ignorance

When we think about the above example, the world is littered with either wilful ignorance or blatant hypocrisy. Here is another example. "The coronavirus hasn't affected me." Is it not the case that you have been imprisoned in your home? Is it not the case that many have lost their jobs? Is it not the case that your shopping habits have changed, for example, we consume less vegetables and tend to use the supermarket more where vegetables are of inferior quality? Wasn't it the case that one of your children has experienced significant stress from being in a flatshare during lockdown and this has caused you distress? Is it not the case that there has been an increase in suicide attempts by people battling the effects of lockdown? Aren't we all, less able to exercise now, thereby harming our physical wellbeing?

Deliberate attempts to pretend things don't affect you is callous if not evil. Certainly we cannot take on all the world's problems, many of them are constructs of information we are presented with and so may not be genuine. When we can see and experience the effects of incompetence malevolence we should at least make a point of trying to improve the situation.

How can I change anything?

This is always the default response. "I can't change anything, so why bother?" This is one of the most ridiculous statements ever. We see evidence of perceptions and beliefs being changed and moulded continuously through the media. When we were shown that man in Minneapolis being killed by a policeman, it cause a load of people to go out and start a riot. Am not getting into this specific incident, but people's opinions are continually being affected by information and misinformation. 

The first thing to do, is to understand if something is correct or not. In the coronavirus/covid-19 example the agencies themselves who are responsible for the data show covid-19 to not be as serious as has been made out. Financial data of bailouts, showed me that the debt had to be created rather than being a reaction to covid-19. Financial data showed me there was a huge amount of debt and signs of slowdown before even the mention of covid-19.

We change perception by talking about it. We don't change perception by refusing to discuss different ideas.

Typical responses by those presented with information

The most incredible thing to witness is, if there is some ultimate goal, individuals will completely ignore anything which potentially prevents that outcome occurring. A classic recent example is this Dominic Cummings affair. People have been wound up, some for a generation on the demerits of the EU. My position was and is the EU represented a balance, but in recent years this balance has shifted and Brexit is necessary - if only to change the European Union.

Cummings trip and the investigation by the media has been turned into a circus. So many people see it as an attempt to scupper Brexit and have come out defending cummings. This is whilst being locked in their own homes, then being advised to further cement this house arrest by use of a contact tracing app. The irony of this is just unbelievable - it is Stockholm syndrome to the highest order.

Another classic response by people is they can only accept something as true when it is in a medium they are used to getting their information from. This makes mainstream media the perfect mechanism to weaponise agendas. Indeed, it is the only way such large sections of a population can be convinced to be locked down in the first place. Incredibly, the information is available, you can access the CDC methodology for covid-19 testing, read research data on the kit based tests, there is information on numbers on this and previous pandemics.

Accepting bad things because of the greater good

Indifference is one of the most abject sides to humanity. When we know there is something we believe is of benefit, individuals will endure great suffering. When we know there is something we believe is of benefit, we will allow others to suffer. Sometimes we shut out truth, or rationalise suffering and become psychopaths. There are many reasons for this, and not all are based upon cruelty or evil.

Fear of admitting mistakes seems to be our biggest societal taboo

So how did we arrive at an entire world being shutdown? We arrived here because people cannot admit their mistakes. They are frightened to admit their mistakes. Here are some mistakes surrounding coronavirus and people's reactions to them.

  • One friend made a mask using a headscarf, sending me a photo of it.
  • Another friend purchased a face mask to go shopping with it.
  • My mum has made facemasks to walk the dog with - they live in a super remote location.
  • Another friend stopped exercising going on countryside walks because they weren't sure if the government advice on social distancing was being adhered to.
  • Parents of a child who attends my son's nursery said they felt it was too soon for their child to attend - yet, the chance of a child dying of covid-19 is less than being struck and killed by lightning. Indeed, sadly - more children have committed suicide during lockdown than deaths from covid-19.

When I remind people that social distancing has almost zero evidence of working and even this latest covid-19 shows there to be no validity to social distancing, the numbers are fake, that many of the deaths were with covid-19 rather than of they will find something they read in the newspaper or heard on the news to maintain their position. 

Isn't the definition insanity repeating the same mistake but expecting a different result? In this case, we keep trying to find evidence to maintain our position. Personally, if evidence was being provided on covid-19 to prove me incorrect, I would 100% admit I was wrong. It doesn't matter for me to be right, more for the truth to be upheld.

Our society is predicated upon not making mistakes, and if you make a mistake - never admit to it. In the case of covid-19, humanity has been subjected to the biggest scam ever, and just like victims of fraud nobody wants to admit their mistakes.




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