Cofounder needed to grow my property platform findigl - CTO/CCO/CMO or collaboration

Help grow our platform

I have spent 16 months working on completing the findigl platform. As a technologist, it is easy to forget how hard developing solutions are, even harder to make it have commercial presence.

  1. I now need commercially minded developers to add quality and features to the platform.
  2. Secondly, I need to grow the platform - this can entail growing organically, marketing, getting funding and understanding the verticals/channels the platform offers.

About findigl - the property platform the way it should be done

In what has taken a very long time to combine a lot of ideas and technology, findigl is now starting to take shape. The focal point of findigl was as a customer (buyer/seller) dissatisfied with the way the property market functions. The reasons are numerous, but fundamentally, I felt that everything moves too slowly. Searching for properties takes a long time, most estate agents aren't using data effectively to provide buyers and sellers with optimal opportunity. Most websites - the main way people buy properties are completely outdated in the search tools they provide.

Overhauling the entire property sector, whilst completely possible was never the goal of the findigl  platform. The focus was to use data and give consumers better tools to see more opportunity in the market as a buyer and seller. By gaining the trust of the customer, like-minded agencies can plug findigl's technology into their platform to help estate agencies gain the trust of their customers.

Understanding the pain point for estate agents

Of the research I have undertaken for the platform, the commercial side of real estate focuses on two main areas;

  • Revenue.
  • Volume.

Little surprise that these two alone aren't sufficient for an estate agent to stay in business and the third dynamic is the most important - profit. Without going into too much depth, profit is killed by many factors;

  • Time until sale.
  • Failed Mortgage applications/Valuation adjustments.
  • Number of viewings.
  • Cost of advertising.
  • Staff costs per sale.
  • Low number of offers.

A really simple example, I tried to sell my flat in South East London, it took 5 months of a buyer stringing me along before they finally pulled out. Second time around it took another 4-5 months at a much higher sale price. The first agent didn't make a penny, and second time around there was no guarantee the house would exchange.

We can see why so many alternative platforms are springing up to try and undercut traditional agents on price.

Is most technology in property is a trick? A sales gimmick?

We would be forgiven for thinking that the obvious way for agents to dramatically improve their profits would be to have fewer viewings per sale, and for the time to exchange to go down. Technologists will approach this challenge in any number of ways and this is what I have been seeing - no shortage of tricks and technology solutions to meet perceived demand without ever really nailing it.

What makes findigl's offering different?

We are going back to fundamentals - people. We aren't concerned with undercutting staff, bottom lines. Quite simply, it is about giving buyers and sellers the opportunity to use data to help their buying and selling experience. Trust is paramount and that comes through good use of data.

Commercial entities wanting to tap into this trust protocol should look to findigl to help.

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