The financial system in simple terms - the two reservoir town

Imagine a large town, it's water supply is fed by two large reservoirs. The town consumes water, but most of it just passes through. The water either evaporates into the atmosphere, seeps through aquifers, and occasionally gets stored in the town. The reservoirs are always full, and often, central planners continue to pour water into the reservoir despite it never reaching the town. This siphoned water feeds into upstream reservoir owners who can inflate the value of their reservoirs to sell and profit from when the timing is correct.

Much of this water stays in the town's water supply but becomes toxic and no longer usable. This means the central planners must push more water through the town to keep the town's water clean enough.

The townsfolk are getting sick from this poor quality water supply, but can't recognise the central planners are no longer capable of balancing providing the town with good quality water versus their external reservoir clientele. Many townsfolk champion the ability of the central planners to make their water better.

One of the reasons the townsfolk cannot recognise the water is inferior is because new measures of improved water quality are reported in the media, and each political central planner promises to improve the quality of the water.

A few folk are suspicious of this continuing improving quality of the water supply but are labelled as crazy and their numbers are too small to impact the voting system needed to affect meaningful change. They demand better water, claiming the supply is tainted and harming their health.

The central planners, at the point of most alleged strength, decided to restrict the water supply. In fact, this was never a position of strength, to keep the illusion of plentiful good quality water, the planners had to build a bigger reservoir. At fear of a water shortage, the townsfolk campaigned for bigger reservoirs.

Once the bigger reservoirs were in place, the townsfolk ended up with less water and it was of lower quality.

Get the picture - this is our political system and the level of corruption within it

I am 2 million percent not a socialist, however, equity and fairness counterbalanced with reward from risk are what we should be seeing.

Virtually nobody understands that this recent Covid-19/Coronavirus pandemic had to occur - it had to. The money had to be printed to keep this debt bubble going. People will claim this is crazy, but I have done enough reading and analysis to know it to be true - but you have to look for yourself.

Many will claim this planned-demic was real. What does Pandemic mean? Pan = Wide, Demic - Demi/God = act of God? We know that if it was a mutated Bat to Human transmission - this was borne from the wet markets, if it was from a Wuhan laboratory then it was man-made, and if it was from five Geronimo - that it was also man-made. Even if it was a natural mutation, mankind has exacerbated this for some reason.

Sorry for the elaborate description but it is the simplest way to describe what is happening.

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