The real reason for the lockdown and Covid-19 - the economy

First - this is pure conjecture at the moment. It will take much more comprehensive analysis and due to the challenges to do with association (correlation) and causality - proving these things is almost impossible. As an aside, there must be some scientific method which can split apart association as attributable components and I have a couple of books to read on this. However, what we have to do is to look at events as they happen, compare them to events which already happened, but most importantly keep checking against envisioned futures to see if that path is being trodden. The ideas presented in this post are not my own and so have provided some links.

The chart below (created by Deutsche Bank) shows the largest bailouts in history. Note how the chart starts from 1970. 1971 was when the US exited the Gold standard. 

My assertion

This deutsche bank chart shows increased bailout sizes. If we instead of thinking that money supply is created in response to a financial event, but consider the financial event to be manufactured to allow the money supply to increase we have our answer.

Understanding exponential growth

If a drop of water doubles every second, how long will it take to fill the Yankee stadium? 55 minutes. Up until 45 minutes, the water is only at your ankles. Problems surface at the end, this explains fiat money.

We can see that, since 2008 bigger and bigger money printing has been needed to keep the system alive.

Why the lockdown happened?

Certainly, the Gates/Vaccine nonsense is a big deal, there are probably many agendas but I can frame it like this.

The more aware of central bankers know the system has collapsed through the need to keep increasing the money supply. Only a coordinated massive inflation of all major players in the fiat money system is needed. Even the most blinkered MSNBC bulls would smell a rat if a massive coordinated stimulus happened. So, a crisis which causes more than a simple schock to the economy was needed. Once the system is started back up, the size of the economy will be big enough for another 2 or 3 years.

Almost all individuals are financially illiterate, and so they will never know what happened. If you discuss it with them, their eyes glaze over.

What about The Gates Foundation, Imperial College, MHRA, World Health Organisation connection?

To me, to be able to pull off the biggest scam ever created - apart from the Iraq War, a centralised, consistent and coordinated set of misinformation about Covid-19 was needed. Who better than the Gates Foundation to lead this with their heavy involvement in major health institutions?

It is possible a pact was agreed between the GF and governments. In exchange for a lockdown to allow for the reset of the economy, Gates can push their Vaccine programs.

What does this mean for the average Joe?

To be honest, I don't know. It probably means this system has already ended or we are going to have more and more of these kinds of events to tinker with the system. This new normal is a big deal. If enough people are aware, start to form their own cooperatives and establish their own means of trade there is a chance but unfortunately most people are completely unaware of this.

I look upon it like this. Life is supposed to have meaning, if the entire fabric of productivity through the fiat money system is an illusion and we can just create money out of thin air what then?

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