Current thoughts on coronavirus and collectivism

My time has been spent finishing the content for a completely new look findigl website property platform and paying significant attention to the coronavirus pandemic. There is another post yet to be published titled "How to spot fake news". 

Whilst identifying fake news isn't the topic of this post, it is worth considering the following discourse. 

"Hi honey, did you see what's happening in the news?" 

"I think you will find it is called the Not news". 

My approach with news is to read it purely as a guide to what is happening next. 

Explaining why there is so much fear

There is one elephant in the room which I have not seen anybody explain. It goes something like this. "My sister is a front line medical nurse and they have never seen anything like this before." 

The impact of that statement is normally enough to shut people up. There is a simple explanation. 

The medical fraternity have not been equipped with the correct ways to treat coronavirus. The medical establishment is a hierarchical rule based system combining agency upon agency. There is a tight interrelationship between pharmaceuticals, government agency and the World Health Organisation. 

The outcome of this is a system built on following orders. The specific issue I have heard from front line staff is that a patient maybe recovering quite well to find they suddenly just drop dead. This is awful, to be powerless and this is what is happening.

So we have a medical establishment in shock that what they have been told to do isn't working which is leaving them in real fear. This fear is leaking into the media fuelled by fake numbers.

The numbers are really fake which I will be producing analysis on soon.

Friends and family 

Recently, I left Facebook. The real reason was FBI book fact checked something with their own fact which was itself wrong. FBI book loses its appeal if it is controlling freedom of thought and expression.

Another major reason was the number of people who have bought the bullshit of this lockdown. Friends sitting in their house in a village, people social distancing when walking their dogs, posting the same not news article as the others. "Did you see what Boris Johnson said?" "What about the chief scientific officer's latest briefing?" 

Yes there were a few questioning the narrative, but we aren't looking for an echo chamber. 

The true issue with the public's response - collectivism

I read The creature from Jekyll Island with horror. It took months to get through because there is so much to digest. G Edward Griffin was interviewed on Portfolio Wealth Global recently and he reasserted his issue with collectivism. "The greater good". 

If we imagine we could all individually be the one person to spread coronavirus to millions, most would think it would be wrong to catch a plane for the sake of others. You would be selfish etc. 

In the case of Covid-19, we have no evidence of the transmission. Please read up on Kock's Postulates and understand that Covid-19 has not been proven to be a real virus. Honestly. . It does not mean that Coronavirus is not real and is not killing people. 

We hear that front line staff are no more likely to catch covid-19 than those self isolating and going out infrequently. 

We are repeatedly hearing experts come out and state that social distancing is wrong. Yet the collective is so transfixed by the media, they are the police and eyes of government - the stazi. 

Blogging and collectivism

Originally, this blog was created because I wanted to draw attention to my work without fear of censorship on more common platforms. A technology blog was part of the appeal but I write on Dev.To mainly for that.

Being a blogger is a tough line to walk though, as it leaves you open to scrutiny. Some thoughts may not be fully formed, I won't reference most sources of information. 

So you self-censor, if you want to form a business partnership, or get a contract in a bank, you don't want to be thought of as a conspiracy theorist. This is the challenge individualism poses, putting out ideas and actions which may appear harmful to the collective but never will be harmful. 

Well, from today, I don't care about this any more. As long as I am comfortable with what I say or do that is good enough for me. People who seek to challenge autonomy and order are the kinds of people we should be respecting and admiring. Not hiding at home watching the news. 

If you are a parent who is one of the sheeple, wondering when the schools will open again and you can get back to work again - you should be ashamed of yourself.

An example of "The Greater Good at work"

Once you learn how to identify bullshit, everything becomes easy. A snippet from the Plymouth Herald contains a section titled - "Truth behind claims crops will rot in fields thanks to the impact of coronavirus". The snippet explains that the UK normally relies upon seasonal overseas workers but with Covid-19 precauctions we should instead look to students and local people - probably the people on jobless schemes to take their place. On the one side, it sounds like the greater good and it is important to not face starvation etc, except for one thing - it is akin to enforced socialism. Every year there will be a planned demic (pandemic) and this need for workers - many who may be highly skilled workers will find themselves picking potatoes and strawberries over the summer.

So there we have it - enforced communism. I can only imagine having a telephone conversation with my mum and her telling me how much of a shame it is that crops are going to ruin.

How do we move forwards collectively?

That was a trick question, but there are some genuine ways.

Never vote

By voting we are accepting authority. If a constituency had a 500 people turnout rather than 60,000, would they have the mandate? 

Publish interactions or evidence of brutality and hypocrisy

If I see police not social distancing, tweet about it. If you see a load of health workers doing a titkok dance off because there are no patients to treat - talk about it. 

Trying to avoid mainstream schooling of children. 

Yes, there are many great teachers, yes education has its merits but it is a waste of time going through mainstream educayshun (see) . Just as I highlighted the fragility of the health sector to solve problems due to its structure, the same is true of mainstream education. Some of my friends are teachers and really make individual impacts on their student's lives but is the formalisation of education the best way? We have to question these narratives.

Criticise everything in the mainstream media

Have you noticed how increasingly, mainstream social media platforms are blocking comments on official news websites. For example, Covid-19 response briefings has the YouTube comments feed switched off. Same with Sky News? The answer is simple - too many smart people are exposing the nonsense being proposed. Many of them academics. If the feeds are turned off, criticise them on another platform.

Understand that 911 was not a terrorist attack by Al Qaeda

It is a bitter pill to swallow, to understand governments have "collectively" conspired to invade Iraq and reduce our rights twenty years following this event and were prepared to kill thousands of their own people to achieve this end - yes, the greater good again."

Always look out for collectivism 

It could be somebody forming an after school club, filling out a petition, complaining to their local MP. Any appeal to authority is to acknowledge and affirm that authority. 

Be respectful 

By leaving Facebook, I left behind some great interactions to avoid being affected by the collective. There was no need to get into arguments with ignorant people. 

Question everything and look at the data

Not everybody is skilled in data analysis, admittedly. But find your own mechanism to establish facts and principles.

Start using cryptocurrencies

Right now, the economy is beyond fucked. This system is at the end. Most people kind of get that there is a "new normal" one of the ways people gets programmed by introducing and repeating new phrases. Most think the coronavirus is causing the collapse, wrong, this collapse has been 20 years in the making, 50 years if we count the exit from the gold standard in 1971. This world is going to get far messier and government has proven itself incompetent at solving problem after problem. Indeed they exacerbated the economic impact of the insane amounts of quantitative easing by taking the approaches of social distancing and lockdown.

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