Is anybody else pissed off with this Coronavirus nonsense yet?

Every day is the same, not sure how long we have been kind of locked in our homes for now - the best part of 7 weeks? I told people when Boris said it would be three weeks - multiply that by four.

Regular people are completely unable to connect any dots, they tune into Channel 4 news, BBC Breakfast, watch Sky News on YouTube. They think anybody saying something which isn't from a government scientist is a tin-foil hat. They wear masks when driving their cars, but then walk right against you in the street, not realising masks are almost ineffective at stopping contagion. Personally, very little changes for me, I am trying to get as much done on my projects as I can with the added challenge of having a busier household. At a time when social distancing is celebrated - I left Facebook. Am certain I will be reducing Social Media presence further given the lengths the Orwellian Technocrats have gone to convince everybody this is as dangerous as it sounds.

It is all in the data - Coronavirus is not serious at all

In no way am I saying it isn't affecting people. Perhaps anybody can die and it could include people I know or even myself (hope not). However, we only have to look at basic data points and we can quickly see that;

  • Social distancing adds no benefit. I will tell people how to work this out.
  • Underlying health conditions play a major part in coronavirus.
  • The press (mainstream press) are absolutely shit at giving any facts out. They use certain language to completely avoid stating the only thing we care about - did somebody genuinely die OF coronavirus or was diagnosed with coronavirus?
  • Age definitely seems to be a factor.
  • The testing is undertaken differently - many public health bodies are being told to diagnose patients with coronavirus if they have any symptoms. "Dry tickly cough but in for heart bypass? Stick it down as coronavirus?"
  • Doctors are not the de-facto on coronavirus and shouldn't be trusted, they simply do what they are told.
  • The World Health Organisation's published data is absolutely shocking. It would not even pass for inclusion in an A Level Science project.
  • We cannot trust what happened in China. At all.
  • Why are Ambulance workers and Hospital workers able to perfect dance moves on TikTok?
  • Politicians are using this for... guess what, absolutely their benefit?

A quick guide to interpreting numbers

You don't have to be a mathematical genius. The following is sufficient;

  • Go to the Covid Situation Reports Page - .
  • Look at some later reports, pick a few countries. Some which are social distancing, some which are not.
  • Categorise the deaths into buckets using population age distribution.
  • Categorise the infections into buckets using population age distribution.
  • Adjust (normalise) the data for population.
  • Do the same with other data for other epidemics and see how much it varies. It won't.

An even quicker way to interpret the covid numbers

Look at the WHO data and deaths for your country. Divide the deaths by your population. Realise that the numbers are tiny. Do the same for a country where Coronavirus has been going on for longer. Realise the deaths are absolutely tiny.

In the UK, we have 10 million plus over 65 year olds. Currently - if the assuming the official reporting of infections and deaths is accurate, it is not high enough.

All this without mentioning a single conspiracy theory

That's right. We can simply look at the facts and say something isn't right. It is like going to a restaurant and the food tastes awful - an expert may be able to explain exactly why the food tastes bad. Most people just want a glass of water and their money back.

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