Coronavirus Deaths and freedom of speech

Sad celebrity deaths

Upon reading the various front page headlines - Tim Brooke-Taylor has died after contracting Coronavirus. This is very sad news as TBT was a genuinely funny man and a very intelligent man. He was 79.

Unfortunately though, if we try to understand TBT's passing, we cannot see whether it was in hospital, whether he had other complications, whether he has a history of other issues or not?

So I looked on around ten different newspapers and firstly, almost all articles read the same except one dared to say "died of". Note, his agent said "Died of". 

Another nonsensical example was Eddie Large, who died "after contracting Coronavirus" in hospital, he was in for heart treatment. Again, very sad an insult to Eddie Large who was a great comedian to be used in this way.

Quick aside

I warn you, this may be the first time you are genuinely exposed to something like this. Sure, you have heard of aliens and area 51. The truth is we confront challenges continuously and are all capable of questioning things. What Jeff Berwick describes in his YouTube is backed up by analysis which I have looked into and followed independently but you should not believe me. You need to educate yourself. I recommend watching this video just to get an understanding of where we are as a civilisation right now - Dollar Vigilante - end the lockdown

If this is too fruity, I suggest watching Jim Rogers on Portfolio Wealth Global . To understand Jim, just look him up to see just how big an impact he had in finance. When listening to financial experts, remember they have complete conviction in what they believe but always work on probabilities.

Finally - a link to Brian Rose on YouTube who runs London Real.

Non-Covid-19 related deaths

A friend of mine's friend of the family's child committed suicide recently. They were due to sit their exams, but due to stress of the delay, they ran away and died.

Today I read a 16 year old girl died in Lewisham. She fell from a balcony. Probably from lockdown boredom.

Freedom of speech and entrapment

Brian Rose from London Real has had severe repercussions imposed by offcom for holding and airing an interview with David Icke.

I posted a video on Facebook from a guy who seemed like a bit of a fruitloop, but may have had serious points to make. Facebook fact checked this video and told me I was wrong. Over 60000 deaths had been reported worldwide. I left Facebook that day. We know that at least 2 celebrities have died with coronavirus and not of coronavirus and thus Facebook's fact checking doesn't mean very much at all.

I will post a link to the dollar vigilante later in this thread.

Friends on social media

I would say there are quite a few more suspicious minds than it appears. A lot of people questioning the narrative. However, many see this as an extended holiday where everything will go back to normal. 

The biggest surprise is the level of cognitive dissonance when friends who are plugged into the matrix are presented with facts. Responses tends to be;

  • Even Boris Johnson got it.  (this is the only true statement). 
  • People are dying of coronavirus.
  • Social distancing works and we must flatten the curve so are all fucking epidemiologists or simply parrots who repeats the news? 
  • Over 100000 people have died from covid-19 worldwide - no, they haven't. 
  • We will be out in a few weeks - no you won't. 
  • Just watching the news and you never guess what? What you will tell me won't be true. 
  • It will take as long as it takes. Because you are weak and powerless. 

Reading around the edges, the camel's nose under the tent of Covid-19

The most incredible thing is, as a data expert, is that the very data used, collected, and published by the WHO proves covid-19 is not as serious as made out. We have to assume there have been far more cases. We must also know that the numbers are significantly inflated. Another critical issue with their data is it has no granularity and doesn't detail other complications patients had.

Reading and watching many eminent leading experts contradict the narrative and testing of Covid-19, listening to doctors questioning using ventilators as it explodes lungs, and looking at the poor ability for the medical establishment to diagnose coronavirus as the sole cause of death just doesn't sit well.

It should not sit well with any of us. 

What to do with the apologists? 

There are people genuinely in fear. Quite rightly we suspect something isn't right, there is something behind the scenes, this virus seems to be affecting people, and people are dying of the symptoms of coronavirus. However, I have found it very hard to siphon through the counter-science, mainstream media's account of events and credibly feel comfortable that the world's economy is collapsing whilst we send each other photos of a black man's cock on WhatsApp. 

I kind of see these apologists as dangerous. They are weaponised by a combination of education, mainstream media and government - through fear of loss (financial system). They bow down to authority and revere experts who are nearly always nothing of the sort. One minute they were hating Boris Johnson as a Labour opponent, now they are on a constant vigil as our country would not survive without him. 

The best way, that I see it, is not to engage with these people. This may mean living in a place where these people don't exist - a small cottage in Sweden, in Croatia for a few months over the summer. It means not engaging in any political discourse. It probably means not putting your children through the schooling system.

Apologists are dangerous because they campaign for the very thing which will harm them in the future. These laws then impinge upon your rights. Campaigning for better schools when we know that kids get bullied, are controlled by the system, come out without life skills, end up being criminals and are unable to think for themselves. If something happens in the news, there are no shortage of idiots filling out another online petition demanding government protects us.

This is where I fundamentally disagree with a lot of the anarchists who somehow think it is okay that there are a large proportion of people brainwashed living in your neighbourhood and country. These guys have a right to do whatever they want, but are enacting passive aggression on the educated (Doesn't mean people with degrees). In many ways it represents Nietzschean Ressentiment.

These apologists voted in Justin Trudea (True Dope) who now has the apparent authority to tell his nation this could go on until people are forced to take a vaccine once finally discovered. 

We should publish ideas and information for as long as we can, because this day won't last.

This post has left all detail out. You have to do the researching for yourself and think for yourself am afraid.

 One place to look is at this article relating to the vast amounts of money printing - remember it is co-ordinated and proportional. 

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